We got the early release of CodeMaps out yesterday. It has been great to hear all the feedback.

Over half the people that came to the site liked it – we are excited to hear that the site is meeting a need. About a third of the people felt like it needed work – we agree, and we are just starting the process (please keep on giving us the feedback). One-tenth of the people did not find the site helpful – we are hoping that as we improve the site and make it’s purpose more obvious that this will change.

For the curious, the above numbers are 53%, 35%, and 11% respectively (we used the the survey forms attached on the site).

The biggest question that we heard about was about the sites purpose. Our goal is big, as we mentioned earlier:

Our goal is to help you use an Open Source Project. We want to help you easily look at the API’s/Javadoc; Make it easy to get a code snippet for using a feature in a library; Simplify finding the right blog post; And even get you a high-level view of the project.

We are planning to start this simply:

First, we want to extend Javadoc – and let you see the source when you need it. Along with that, give you the niceties of your IDE. Being able to easily jump to the caller/callee of a method is often very helpful.

Next, we want to take this fancy code viewer and let you tag it with ‘concepts’. Concepts are the glue that our site uses to connect your code together. And possibly connect your code to things like blog posts, wiki pages, or questions on stack overflow. We want these ‘concepts’ to be used to describe any code concern and can range from a name for some code that you might care about to a high-level architectural principles in the project.

Oh yeah, as we do this, we are hoping that we will have a single site where you want to go to figure out how to use a project. Where for a library that you are using, you can easily find relevant blog posts voted up by the community or just find answers to questions (asked on sites like StackOverflow).

We have been improving the site – please try out CodeMaps, and let us know what you think. Let us know what you think? What should we do differently?