We have been trying to build something amazing to help developers quickly understand how to get moving with large projects. As we have been doing that, we have been hearing a growing set of requests for help with Open Source Projects.

We have spent the last last few months improving our engine and building a couple of cool features to help the users with open source projects – in large part based on ideas that were sent to us. Well, it’s Spring, and it’s time to pull the covers off.

We are almost ready for our public release, but before that we want feedback from the community on what we have built. Want to be one of the first to find, sign up up now here: http://atxa.io/Hsv3Mx

Update: Some of our initial visitors had some issues while completing the feedback form. We apologize for it and the issue has been fixed. If you face any issues please drop us a note at support@architexa.com. Thanks!