33: Happy 50th Birthday

Today Architexa’s “Working With Large Codebases” blog has posted it’s 50th post. While not a huge number, we are excited to see the response to so many of our articles for helping developers work with Eclipse, with agile teams, use design patterns, and document and communicate ideas  with developer tools and diagrams.

Architexa has been working on the performance of our diagramming tools, and conducting user studies to find more about what it takes for a developer to understand code. We have also been improving our Open Source documentation site codemaps.org.

With all the articles out there helping developers understand code, we were wondering what type of information you would like to see more of?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Imagery by Pete

We are looking forward to providing much more interesting content in the coming months. Please let us know what you would like to see. Send us your favorite articles from our site or across the web.