We are working hard to help developers easily understand and document code. One thing that we have noticed is that the open source community continually faces challenges in these areas. New developers join projects frequently and at times committers have to leave a project. Without quality documentation code can quickly deteriorate.

We are great supporters of Open Source Software and have wanted to contribute by making it easier for developers and the community to document their code. As of today, we are providing free licenses for the Architexa Suite to those willing to upload good documentation, add comments, and vote on good diagrams every week. We will also appreciate it if you can give us feedback on what would make the Architexa Suite more useful for you.

To support open source developers we have created a public version of our collaboration server which will allow documentation to be uploaded and shared amongst the open source community. An early version of this site is available at codemaps.org. We currently only support java code  but are working to add support for additional languages.

By using the Architexa Suite you will be able to create groups of diagrams on CodeMaps for your open source project or upload diagrams directly to an existing group. Other developers will then have the opportunity to join your group, comment on diagrams, or vote them up.

We are really excited to be able to help the development community. To find out more about how to become one of our Open Source Ambassadors and help contribute to the open source community, check out the detailed information available here.