A Different Take on UML: A Sneak Preview

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 - By Vineet Sinha

We have been extremely frustrated with UML tooling in the past, and for the last 2+ years we have been building something very cool. See the video below:

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Most UML Tools focus on creating diagrams before coding, but we believe in having diagrams made from code. Where other tools require months of work to get something useful, we want to get you useful results in minutes if not seconds. Some tools require reading lots of documentation to use, but we have wanted a tool that you can get up to speed in 5 minutes.

What do you think of it?
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  1. Mat says:

    I’m a user of telelogic uml tools currently. 1. Do you have plans to support C, as distinct from C++. 2. Any plans for reverse engineering. 3. Can you import JAR’S.

    • vineet says:

      We haven’t looked much into pure C projects. But it is definitely something that we would want to support.

      With regards to reverse engineering: Are you referring to ‘source code’? I am not sure I follow you question. We only do reverse engineering.

      Jars: Yes, we support them.

  2. raveman says:

    When can we download something?

    is it free?

    • vineet says:

      We are letting people in slowly, to make sure that we can provide a good level of support. If you are interested, make sure to signup at the Architexa home page.

      The software does have a free trial. Beyond that, we want to not only solve developers problems, but keep providing improvements based on needs of every developer – in aligning ourselves with that approach we will be charging a low amount but through the entire development to make sure we are useful for more than one part of the project (i.e. an annual subscription).

  3. another vote for python.

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  5. Raghu says:

    How about C# support?

    • abhishek says:

      Hi Raghu,

      As Vineet said earlier we do intended to support other languages
      but currently we are focusing on java. We would be more than happy to support C# depending on demand. Also feel free to let us know if you have something specific in mind and what you think of the tool.

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